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The school holidays are over and we adjust back to our normal work routine. I hope you enjoyed a bit more quality time with your kids, and if you don’t have kids, I hope you at least enjoyed the lighter congestion on the roads!

There’s been a lot happening locally, and I share a few of them below.


Last week, we experienced 4 serious car crashes within 6 days at our local Church and Victoria Street intersection. It’s clear that the frequency and seriousness of accidents here is worsening, and we can’t wait any longer on Auckland Transport.

Following my petition to Auckland Transport to commit funding and urgently improve the safety of this intersection, they agreed to install a roundabout, but work won’t commence until July 2020. We need action now.

In addition to sending an open letter to the CEO of Auckland Transport requesting the organisation to deliver immediate results, I am hosting a ‘Crash Corner’ Street Meeting, to rally support and send Auckland Transport a message. Police will also be in attendance to share an announcement.

When: Saturday 3rd August, 10.00 – 10.30am
Where: Corner of Church Street and Victoria Street, Onehunga

It’s unacceptable that our residential roads have become so dangerous. The safety improvements to the Church and Victoria Street can’t come quick enough. In addition to my ‘Crash Corner’ Street Meeting, you can show your support by signing my petition today.


For the past 10 months, I’ve been working closely with Sylvia Park Kindergarten, Sylvia Park School and the residents of Hamlin Road about the unsafe on-road parking for parents who pick-up and drop-off their children.

Sylvia Park Shopping Centre employees and commuters would park on Hamlin Road all day, which created parking chaos for parents who resorted to parking on yellow lines and across driveways. They were also forced to walk long distances on broken paving, which simply wasn’t good enough.

After I raised this issue with Auckland Transport, they consulted with Hamlin Road residents and agreed to P120 parking restrictions, near the Sylvia Park Kindergarten. The proposal received a great number of positive responses from community members who supported increasing the parking turnover.

The installation of the P120 signs will not only relieve parking pressure along Hamlin Road, but will also increase the safety for our local children, parents and grandparents. This is a fantastic result for our local Mt Wellington residents.

If there is anything that my office can help you or your family with, please do not hesitate to phone 0800 DENISE MP or email


I recently launched the Rate Your Council website where you can go online and submit on what you think is or isn’t working, and what should change at Auckland Council to make it more efficient and accountable.

One of the most common issues raised with my office are those relating to Auckland Council and Auckland Transport. Over the past 18 months, I’ve worked hard to resolve issues including:

  • Illegal rubbish dumping in Mt Wellington and Panmure
  • Traffic, congestion, and unsafe roading in Onehunga

It’s clear, there are several roadblocks and inefficiencies that make dealing with Council so frustrating for you, and I want to help. What can central government do to make your day-to-day interactions with Auckland Council easier?

Visit and share your stories with me. You can rate Auckland Council’s performance via a scorecard. It covers a number of areas, including public engagement, transport issues, building consents and the effectiveness of CCO’s.



A few weeks ago, I hosted a Crime in Onehunga Public Meeting, which was organised in response to the spate of assaults that Onehunga experienced earlier this month. The assaults were in no way related, but raised questions about how our community can work together to keep safe.

Despite the dreary weather, we had a fantastic turnout of 90 people with 16 new sign-ups for Onehunga Community Patrols!

We learnt that crime stats in Onehunga have slowly been decreasing, but Police don’t achieve these results alone. The take home message that was stressed was that crime is not just the responsibility of the Police. The support of crime prevention volunteer groups and the community is crucially important to combined success. We need to remain vigilant, look out for our neighbours, and know when to report any suspicious activity.

A special thank you to Constable Don Allan for your time and speaking on such an important matter. We also handed out a safety information document to everyone, alongside important safety contact numbers. If you would like a copy of either, please contact my office on 0800 DENISEMP or


Cancer is the biggest cause of death in New Zealand. It doesn’t discriminate and most of us will have a story of loved ones and friends who have been affected by cancer. That’s why the National Party announced a policy which would invest an extra $200 million over four years for PHARMAC to fund cancer drugs. We will ensure those drugs go to those who need them.

We’ve also committed to introducing a National Cancer Agency to deliver better diagnoses, better access and better treatment for cancer sufferers across New Zealand. The agency will be involved in prevention, screening and treatment. It will ensure that no matter where you live in New Zealand, you’ll get the same standard of care.

National’s Cancer Fund is a priority for us because it’s the right thing to do and will help thousands of Kiwis. When a New Zealander is going through what will be the most difficult time in their lives, their country and their health system should be there for them.


We have a few exciting upcoming events in the electorate that are worth taking note of:

  • Crash Corner Street Meeting, Saturday 3 August, 10-10.30am at the corner of Church and Victoria Street intersection, Onehunga. We’re sending a message to AT!
  • Onehunga Community Clean-up, Saturday 3 August, 2-3pm, meet behind St Peter’s Church, Onehunga. Free BBQ to follow
  • Super Blues Morning Tea, Friday 16 August, 10-11am at the Edmund Hillary Retirement Village
  • Panmure Community Clean-up, Saturday 24 August, 2-3pm, meet at Clifton Court, Panmure. Free BBQ to follow
  • Onehunga and Mt Wellington Drop-Ins, first Monday and Friday of each month.

If any of the above captures your attention, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Being accessible is important to me. If my office can assist you in anyway, please do contact me on 0800 DENISE MP or

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