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They say a week is a long time in politics. The past few weeks certainly have been for the National Party. The recent events that have unfolded have been a shock to all of us, but we are now forward looking and will remain strong and united as a caucus.

I, along with my fellow colleagues, wholeheartedly support Simon Bridges as Leader of the National Party. There is no doubt that Leader of the Opposition is one of the most testing jobs in Parliament, but we as a party are focused on the big issues of the day and what matters most to New Zealanders, and will continue to hold this Government to account.


I recently launched a petition that urges Auckland Transport to commit funding and urgently improve safety at the busy Victoria and Church Street intersection in Onehunga. Anyone can sign and I need your support, so visit to put your name to this! The current intersection is putting lives at risk and this will only continue unless Auckland Transport takes action NOW.

On a recent St John ambulance ride-along, I witnessed the aftermath of a head-on crash in this area on our first call out. How many more serious injuries do there need to be before Auckland Transport takes action?

Please sign my petition to show your support for urgent safety improvements of the Onehunga Victoria and Church Street intersection. Click the image below.

Youth MP

It gives me great pleasure to announce that Jess McKnight from One Tree Hill College will by my Maungkiekie Youth MP for Youth Parliament 2019.

Jess is a talented and hardworking student who comes widely endorsed from her family, friends and school. Her video application not only showed this, but demonstrated a real passion for our community and local issues. I also want to thank every other applicant for their interest and I admire their keenness in politics!

I’m positive Jess and I will have a fun journey together and I’m looking forward to seeing how Jess will enjoy taking part in the six-month programme, including the two-day Youth Parliament in Wellington next year.

Watch this space.

Supporting our Seniors

Last month, we celebrated International Day of Older Persons. International Day of Older Persons gives visibility and recognition to the many seniors who are living meaningful and vital lives, contributing as workers, employers, volunteers, parents and grandparents.

By 2036 up to 24% of New Zealanders will be over 65 – we’ll have nearly a quarter of the population with a wealth of skills and experience that we can tap in to, who will help to positively shape the future of our country.

Events to commemorate the day were held around Auckland to celebrate, recognise and thank seniors for the important contributions they make. That included a special multi-cultural ceremony, hosted by Shanti Niwas, in Onehunga that showcased some of our most talented older New Zealanders. I was fortunate to share a few words and watch not only dance performances from our South Asian and other ethnic communities, but also the finals of the NZ Senior Indian Idol.

I also recently visited residents from Summerset at Heritage Park in Mt Wellington. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to everyone and hearing their suggestions on how we as a party can develop our age-care policy in the lead up to 2020. Definitely some great feedback!

Out and About

Axe the Fuel Tax

It was pleasing to see the recent back-down by the Prime Minister when she ruled out rolling the regional fuel tax out beyond Auckland while she is in charge. The Government has finally woken up to the fact that Kiwis are sick of being fleeced at the fuel stations by a government that keeps putting fuel taxes up and they're backpedalling as fast as they can.

The cost of living pressures that households are facing through rising petrol, rent and food prices are in a large part the result of this Government’s economic mismanagement. The average New Zealand household is now paying $200 a year more in petrol taxes than this time last year, with Auckland families paying $324 extra as a result of the Government’s decision to hike fuel taxes. It is pricing Kiwis out of their cars and making it harder to get ahead. It must stop!

The National Party is calling on the Prime Minister to go further and remove the regional fuel tax from Auckland as well as her first four cent national excise tax increase. We have launched a petition that urges the Government to provide immediate relief by axing its taxes. Click here to add your voice TODAY.

Upcoming events

We have a few exciting upcoming events in the electorate that are worth taking note of:

If any of the above captures your attention, please do not hesitate to contact my office on 0800 DENISE MP to find out more information.

I hope this newsletter has updated you on what I have been busying myself with over the past month. I look forward to continuing to work hard for you and your family in our great electorate.

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