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The East-West Link’s omission from the Government’s infrastructure package adds to its already disastrous track record of non-delivery on transport, Maungakiekie MP Denise Lee says.

“It’s outrageous the East-West Link has not been included. It’s a vital piece of infrastructure that was progressing under the previous National Government. It should have been a priority at the top of the list.

“The importance of this project to our economy cannot be understated. Economic analysis conducted in 2012 found the industrial area serviced by the East-West Link contributed more than $10 billion to the national GDP.

“Congestion in the area costs businesses billions every year. They need the East-West Link to relieve this pressure so they can send their products across the country efficiently.

“Locals are paying for the Government’s inaction. More than 7000 freight vehicles drive through Onehunga each day, causing gridlock and safety issues.

“There’s a reason the intersection of Church and Victoria streets has become known as ‘Crash Corner’. We need to get these trucks off our suburban roads.

“This was the Government’s last opportunity to deliver before the election, but once again its incompetence has got in the way of progress.

“The NZTA board has considered an alternative proposal for the project numerous times over the past two years, so why is it not over the line yet?

“I can only assume the East-West Link, like the Auckland light rail project, has not been able to survived Phil Twyford’s interference and inability to decide what his final goal is.”

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