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Today's start of safety improvements and construction of a roundabout at the notorious intersection “Crash Corner” is a massive milestone for Onehunga residents and commuters, MP for Maungakiekie Denise Lee says.

“It's been a long time coming, but I’m glad to finally see some spades in the ground.

“This project was initially scheduled for two years from now, but we just couldn’t wait that long when people are at risk. 

“It was amazing to be on site this morning and see the fruition of all the hard work that’s got this project off the ground. I have no doubt these improvement will save lives.

“The community have long been calling for action.  I’m grateful that Auckland Transport has responded to our campaign and fast-tracked this project.

“Unfortunately, Onehunga’s transport problems spread further than this one intersection.

“The Government's continued inaction on the East-West Link is causing huge numbers of heavy freight trucks clogging up our residential roads, creating signification congestion and safety issues."

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