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Auckland Transport’s interim safety measures for one of Auckland’s most high-risk intersections do not go far enough, MP for Maungakiekie Denise Lee says.

“Auckland Transport announced late on Friday that they would install interim safety measures at the Church and Victoria Streets intersection in Onehunga, but their suggestions simply are a band aid over a broken leg.

“They’re stalling. They rushed this announcement due to public outcry at the eleventh hour before my Crash Corner Street Meeting on the weekend.

“I’m concerned that these cosmetic changes won’t have any real impact on safety. The last thing we want is Auckland Transport embarking on another round of costly measures, when they can just get on with the job now.

“Auckland Transport’s previous interim measures tried and failed, yet for some reason they’re wanting to reinvent the wheel. Last year’s wider corners and new road markings made zero difference to the severity of this intersection.

“There’s also still no certainty of a construction date and while we continue to delay, lives remain heavily at risk. If four crashes in six days, with one car flipped on its side, isn’t testament enough for urgent action, then I don’t know what is.

“I’ve written to the CEO of Auckland Transport requesting immediate construction with an exact date. I'm also seeking the cost of both the interim measures that have previously been done and are currently proposed.

“40 residents came out in the rain to my Crash Corner Street Meeting to send a clear message. We want assurances that the Church and Victoria Streets intersection takes priority over the America's Cup beauty projects. To show your support, visit and sign my petition today,” Ms Lee says.


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